Big Moon

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Cheddar or Memorex?I was lying in bed the other day thinkin about the moon and I was thinkin about a band I had seen the night before. They were called Big Train and amoung other things, they played train songs. They even played a a Tom Waits song, but it wasn’t a train song. So a few synapse firings later, I thought how about a band that plays songs about the moon. A band called Big Moon. I could think of at least 10 songs written about the moon off the top of my head. This was going places.

So after a google moment, it became apparent there were more than 10 songs about the moon. People had compiled lists of moon songs. Who are these people and what kind of a life do they lead spending time making lists of moon songs. Okay, I’m glad they did, but they’re still a bit weird (shouldn’t we spell that wierd – you know the i before e except after c?)

As I’m putting all this in a Google doc (does it mean more if we capitalize it? Are we kneeling at the feet (do they (who is they?) have feet?) of the Google Gods (there’s that capital again)? I am. I don’t care what anyone thinks. If i (yep lower case) can just type something in a box and something searches millions of pages and gives me a semi-quasi-ish intelligent response, i am beholden to them, it, It.

So ya there i (it’s just easier to do the i thing than the I thing – it’s not a statement, just laziness. How much of our history can be written down to laziness. Most of our mother of inventions is about putting your feet up and letting the dog walk itself. Okay we haven’t invented that one yet.) was putting this list together and i realized that the moon spans all musical genres. What other subject can you say the same about (okay women, relationships, war, peace (the hippies did this one the best)), even the mighty beet has had some good coverage – maybe not but I’m reading Jitterbug Perfume again and i think the beet warrants some mention.

So that’s it really. Moon songs. A project. Maybe a set at the local bar. Maybe someone will see it and the next morning they’ll be mulling, chewing, waxing about the beat, the beet and the moon.

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