Advice from who?

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Laurie has been saying that I look like a homeless man with this growth on my face. I have noticed that my reaction time has recently improved when I’m in the presence of a ham sandwich and someone recently remarked that I was drinking hobo beer. It’s really not my fault. It’s one of those things that once started, it takes on a life of its own. Then there is really nothing to do but let it run free for a while.

The growth started as a Movember project that went bad. I thought I would grow a little bit of a blank canvas to work with and then there were reports that it was illegal Movember growth. I wasn’t following the rules. That’s when I did a Sarah Palin and went rogue. I did nothing – I just let it grow.

So here I am a few months later with a bit of a (albiet illegal) Mowinter on. I may look like a hobo, but in some ways I think that might make me more approachable in some situations. Especially if I were a hobo savant. It might have the opposite effect at the next tea with Will and Kate.

So here goes. I’ll post some hobo nuggets (possibly fished out of the trash near the golden arches) from time to time. Maybe someone will read them.

They always work at the dollar store and they look great. But after a few uses, just when you need to shed some light, that new flashlight won’t go on or flickers off and on.


It’s usually the switch, so here’s a tear down and fix for one common problem with a flashlight that has the switch in the tail.

Remove the tail and check if connecting the end of the battery to the side of the flashlight turns on the light. If the light turns on, then there’s a problem with the switch. Otherwise, it could be something else like the battery or light bulb.



Push on the switch to push it through the end piece. It might be tight, so you’ll need to push hard.


Once you have the switch out of the tail piece. Use a sharp edge (knife) to pry out the inside part. You can bend the metal tab up to better access the inside part.


With the inside part, use a sharp edge to pry it apart. You should see a spring and a contact piece that looks like a bell on the inside.


The rim of the bell-shaped piece needs to be bent down (the rim bent towards the tip of the bell) for better contact with the tabs. Use a pair of pliers to gently bend it.img_20170129_1814195101







Reassemble in reverse order a try it out.

i just saw a Tedx talk with a guy who packed more into 12 minutes than i could in a couple of hours. the basic jist of what he was saying is that instead of trying to achieve goals in order to attain happiness, do it the other way around: get happy and you will be better at a lot of things and better equipped to reach your goals.

He recommended some things to increase your happiness levels. See below. Repeat these over a period of time – like 3 weeks – and you will increase your happiness levels. So here i am journaling about something i like – Ted talks and free software like WordPress. Thankyou!

a perioImage

Big Moon

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Cheddar or Memorex?I was lying in bed the other day thinkin about the moon and I was thinkin about a band I had seen the night before. They were called Big Train and amoung other things, they played train songs. They even played a a Tom Waits song, but it wasn’t a train song. So a few synapse firings later, I thought how about a band that plays songs about the moon. A band called Big Moon. I could think of at least 10 songs written about the moon off the top of my head. This was going places.

So after a google moment, it became apparent there were more than 10 songs about the moon. People had compiled lists of moon songs. Who are these people and what kind of a life do they lead spending time making lists of moon songs. Okay, I’m glad they did, but they’re still a bit weird (shouldn’t we spell that wierd – you know the i before e except after c?)

As I’m putting all this in a Google doc (does it mean more if we capitalize it? Are we kneeling at the feet (do they (who is they?) have feet?) of the Google Gods (there’s that capital again)? I am. I don’t care what anyone thinks. If i (yep lower case) can just type something in a box and something searches millions of pages and gives me a semi-quasi-ish intelligent response, i am beholden to them, it, It.

So ya there i (it’s just easier to do the i thing than the I thing – it’s not a statement, just laziness. How much of our history can be written down to laziness. Most of our mother of inventions is about putting your feet up and letting the dog walk itself. Okay we haven’t invented that one yet.) was putting this list together and i realized that the moon spans all musical genres. What other subject can you say the same about (okay women, relationships, war, peace (the hippies did this one the best)), even the mighty beet has had some good coverage – maybe not but I’m reading Jitterbug Perfume again and i think the beet warrants some mention.

So that’s it really. Moon songs. A project. Maybe a set at the local bar. Maybe someone will see it and the next morning they’ll be mulling, chewing, waxing about the beat, the beet and the moon.

The Rob Squad

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There’s a new startup in Wakefield, Quebec. The Rob Squad (a variation on Geek Squad and Mod Squad – hopefully Pete, Linc and Julie will be joining the team soon) is providing technical support for everything computer. The angels will be helping with computer problems, slow running computers, installing and using software/hardware, file backup options and website development.

“Angels rush in where you fear to tread”.

Check out the Rob Squad for computer help in Wakefield and the Gatineau Hills of Quebec.

Angels Rush In Where You Fear To Tread

Ya, you guessed it. This is just blatant advertising.

Skinny Wires

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Is it just me or are wires for stuff  like headphones getting flimsier by the day. It starts with a little static noise and then the left side starts cutting in and out and then you are going through a bunch of yoga-like poses to keep the signal going. I had a similar problem with a power cord (using the word cord here for the thinnest wires ever conceived is a bit a misnomer) for a discman while driving to what i thought was a cottage not New York. But that’s another story.

If you are adventurous you may track down the issue to a bend in the wire or a bad solder joint. With the ultralight and ultra small wirestrands that are used today, soldering can be a challenge – check out He’s not exaggerating. I came across some nonfunctional but comfy headphones the other day. After some investigation with a multimeter (, I found both the jack and one of the ground wires to be faulty. Trying to find the ground wire problem was impossible with the double strand shielded wires, so i started rooting around for something a little more robust. I needed at most 4 wires or 3 with a common ground.

I found a roll  of telephone CAT3 station wire that seemed to fit the bill. The wire casing was a bit heavy so i cut a bunch out, leaving a few pieces in to keep the wires together.

Now on to the soldering. After working with the thinnest wires ever conceived (he wasn’t kidding), this was much more manageable – all the wires have a plastic coating – so keeping them isolated is a breeze and it’s one thick strand not five micro strand that can break if breathed on.

I need to disconnect the thinnest wires ever conceived from the jack and the headphones. Don’t forget to slide the jack cover over the wires before soldering! The heavier gauge wire make the cord less pliable but I’ll take that over the slightly shielded microstrands.

How to start a WordPress blog

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It’s not really too difficult. Mostly you just need to jump in (like a dumpster), root around and see what you might find.

  1. Go to the WordPress site and create an account.
  2. Read the welcome blog post and then delete it – otherwise you’ll look like the rookie you are.
  3. Add a post from the dashboard page.
  4. Upload an image  – click on the tiny camera icon above the post edit box
  5. Select an image from your computer, then click on the “include in post” button near the bottom
  6. Add a bunch of words – you can go back and edit your post so don’t get too persnickety about the order.
  7. Hit the publish button over on the right side and presto – you’ve posted to your blog
  8. Every once in a while you can change the appearance of your blog – like changing clothes – try to do this on occasion – click on the Appearance button on the left nav bar and choose a new suit. Some allow you to add an image. Click on “preview” to take it for a spin.